Singapore Yard Profile

Capitalising on Singapore's strengths in infrastructure, telecommunications, distribution channels and its 24 x 7 x 365 response facilities, the Singapore Yard acts as a Logistics and Procurement Center to provide consistent support to the Batam Yard operations on:

With the seamless integration of our supply chain management, we offer a one-stop convenient building and repairs center that capitalizes on the strengths of economy, technology and efficiency of our local and overseas operations.

Batam Yard Profile

Batam is an Indonesian island located nearby south of Singapore, some 40 minutes away by ferry. It has a free-trade zone with industrial areas designated specifically for shipyards and developed infrastructure such as roads, telecommunications, utilities and supporting services.

Our Batam Yard, with a deep naturally sheltered waterfront, is a comprehensive newly developed Yard facility with a land size of over 30 hectares. The Yard is self contained and houses a 260m Graving Dry Dock with a 150,000 DWT capacity and is capable of accommodating up to cape-size vessels.

China Yard Profile

This is a newly developed, eight-hectare yard in Guangdong, China, where smaller and less sophisticated vessels are built.