Customer Profiles

Profile of our customers

ASL Shipyard offers a vertically integrated marine services for the Global Market. The shipyard serves a range of customers from all over the world including the Asia Pacific, South Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Our illustrious customers span the offshore marine infrastructure, shipping, port operations and other sectors/ industries, and include the following:

As indicated from our track record, the continuous and repeat orders demonstrate our customers' confidence in us.

Our Commitment

ASL Shipyard's commitment to our Customers is holistic and encompasses:

ASL Shipyard Quality Management System

ASL Shipyard is committed operating and maintaining a Quality Management System that complies with the International Organization of Standards. The Yard has established and operates a Quality Management System that compiles with the requirements of ISO 9001 Standards for quality assurance.

Design & Development and Project Execution

A working process to ensure Quality Work - ASL Shipyard has established an effective process for executing and implementing the planned outputs that comply with customer requirements and statutory/regulatory requirements. For each project, a system of job planning, monitoring, and work coordination of the production process is established to ensure the project is going accordingly to plan. Our shipyard has excellent support from procurement, logistics and engineering divisions for carrying out all ship building projects.

Customer Management Process

The Yard has a Customer Management Process for addressing and managing all customer's requirements, feedbacks, queries & amendments. This system is in place to ensure customer requirements are clearly understood and can be fulfilled by the Yard.

A Dedicated Committed Project Team

Our committed Team will take the Project from its inception to the final completion stage, and beyond to ensure consistency and familiarity with the customer's requirement.

Committed and Dedicated Resources

ASL Shipyard has the infrastructure and resources to provide dedicated support services for procurement, logistics and engineering support through the project.