Safety At Work In ASL Shipyard

ASL Shipyard views safety as a core value and is built in as part of our business process. Management is committed to providing the resources & training needed to achieve the Safety & Health Policies that make our Yard a safe and conducive place to work in.

Besides being regulated stringently by the Governmental Authority, on the maintenance of Safety Standards, ASL Shipyard has in place a Safety Management System that is compliant and certified to OHSAS 18001 standards.

ASL Shipyard Occupation Health & Safety (OHS) Policies

ASL Shipyard Occupation Health & Safety (OHS) Objectives

Safety Performances

In order to demonstrate ASL Shipyard Occupational Safety & Health Policies and to achieve our Health & Safety Objectives and policies, ASL Shipyard has established and implemented the following systems and plans to ensure safety and health conditions and environment at all times for all staff/employees/workers and visitors at the shipyard.